“Joule Chamber is finally at the start of its promising journey.”

This concept page displays videos, information and GIFs to grow interest and excitement with concepts & product opportunities available for licencing. Reach out to us now to discuss opportunities.

Concepts include all or some of the following Joule Chamber characteristics.

Rapid charge and discharge capability / Product of almost any size from joules to terajoules / Transportability / Modularity / Scalability / Suspension and lift capabilities / Deep vacuum advantages / High pressure air expulsion advantages / Hybrid partner for battery & compressed air vehicle propulsion / Hybrid partner for wind turbines / Pumped hydro alternatives / Non-electrical conversion energy storage designs / Off-grid or natural emergency solutions / Mobile personal energy opportunities / Regenerative braking / Robotics / Aerospace / Battery & motor combination replacement / Appliances for the home or workshop / Stay tuned!

Mechanical Energy Storage
Some possibilities.

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