“Novel, renewable, mechanical energy storage technology”

Joule Chamber was first conceived in the 1990’s and remained a personal ambition for almost 30 years. Today, with good timing of rapidly advancing technology and the world’s appetite to shift to renewables with urgency, Joule Chamber has been realised.

For the grid, Joule Chamber is scalable from joules to terajoules and is renewable, modular, and transportable. It’s also multi-purpose with on or off grid applications capable of delivering rapid mechanical or electrical energy through a generator anywhere along the grid from production to consumption.

Joule Chamber also offers powerful energy on demand without the need for electrical conversion, creating a new era of opportunity with micro and mid-sized personal energy assistance products along with appliances for the home, workshop and workplace, all with rapid charging mechanical energy characteristics that pack a punch.

How the Technology Works

Joule Chamber is an energy device with a variable volume chamber – “Energy is stored as a pressure differential”.

To charge a Joule Chamber mechanical energy is applied to the primary chamber with transformable geometry that expands and increases in volume. A low-pressure environment is created inside the primary chamber creating a pressure differential with atmospheric pressure. The device could be locked to store the energy. Energy storage potential is proportionally amplified by housing the primary chamber in a secondary, pre charged high-pressure chamber.

Our Vision

Licence our energy storage technology to industry for existing or hybrid solutions; Create new concept devices separately or in partnership; Without royalties, partner humanitarian organisations groups to supply subsidised solutions supporting communities and developing nations suffering energy poverty.