“Talented engineering team working toward a sustainable
& renewable world”

The Joule Chamber team have a common goal of working toward a sustainable and renewable world. A talented management and engineering team have driven progress with professionalism, enthusiasm and creative thinking in a workspace that encourages individual contribution, team achievements and recognition.

Sven du ClouSenior Mechanical Engineer

Having left Joule Chamber in June 23 Sven is one of the founding engineers who developed Joule Chamber. He has a Master of Science degree in Engineering and has worked on various international projects in renewable energy, test and measurement and aerospace. He joined the project in 2020 when it was just an idea and developed various prototypes demonstrating the technology with a successful patent filed in 2022.

Scott A. HowisonCEO

With 40+ years’ experience in various business creations and management, Scott’s skill set is broad and his passion for invention intense.

“With all the information and seemingly endless technology available today, there has never been a better time to be an inventor”.

Samuel McCarthySenior Electrical Engineer

As a founding member of Joule Chamber, with previous experience developing a novel wave energy renewable energy system, Sam helped develop prototypes demonstrating the technology and co-authored the patent. He has developed critical mechatronic systems as well as analytical simulation tools.